Godzilla 2014

I just watched the new Godzilla movie. A few words that come to mind are: disappointed, boring, confusing, convoluted. I’ll explain later below.

I really liked Godzilla. When I was a kid we had it recorded off of TV on VHS. So I would make sure the tracking was set (remember tracking?) and set back and enjoy all the colorful characters and storylines. Really, it was interesting. You had those two little weird fairy twins that sang for Mothra or something. You had Mothra as a giant caterpillar and then turning into a giant Moth. It was awesome, even though it wasn’t great special effects CGI crap, it was really creative.

So this movie starts out with a Dr. Sandra Brody working at a nuclear plant in Japan. Her husband, Joe, is there as some sort of engineer. They have a son as well, Ford Brody. Well this is back in the 90’s, or something, and there is an accident there. But it’s not really an accident, it is a giant moth thing called “MUTO” which stands for “Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism”. So the idea is that millions of years ago there were these giant beings on earth, and that earth had much higher levels of radiation, and so these creatures could feed on the radiation. That’s why this winged MUTO went crazy and planted itself in the Japanese nuclear power plant, so it could feed. Got all that?

Oh, I should mention that in the beginning credits they show the story of how all the nuclear test were really efforts to destroy Godzilla. Ok whatever, interesting story.

So to cut to the chase Godzilla and the MUTO, which there are two of, a baby and a momma with more eggs to lay, start fighting in cities all over the planet. And the government thinks they can lure them out to the ocean to bomb the heck out of them with giant nuclear bombs. Sounds entertaining right?

Well, it’s not. Seriously, don’t waste your time with this movie. All it is is like taking two dinosaur toys with your kids and smashing them into each other and breaking lego cities you built, which is a better time spent than watching this piece of garbage.

The acting was ok, for the script the cast was given, but there is just not a whole lot there for them to work with. The plot is a bit weird and just not all that entertaining. You don’t identify¬†with any of the characters, and you end of just not caring.

Go on to Netflix and watch the original, relive some great childhood memories with a bowl of popcorn and your fam. And just avoid this movie all together.