Interstellar and Biblical references

5b5Interstellar is one of my favorite movies, in fact I’m a big Christopher Nolan fan. I think his movies are genius. His brother, maybe not so much but he has some good stuff as well. Interstellar is a movie about a father and his love for his kids, especially his daughter Murphy. The planet is dying, plagued by blight. The planet is also running out of oxygen. This is the backdrop upon which these biblical references are found. I think on the surface we know there are biblical parallels they use for the storyline, but I wonder how far anybody has really broke it down and looked into. Here is what I have found.


Lazarus- Everybody realizes, and it was mentioned in the movie outright, that Lazarus was risen from the dead by Jesus Christ. To go a bit further, Lazarus was called out of the cave, just as humanity is being “called out” of earth, by the placement of the wormhole.

It is interesting to note that in those days of ancient Israel, burial was done by wrapping the body in cloth. Frankincense and myrrh where used in those rituals, most think to cover the scent of the decaying corpse. The astronauts are also wrapped, in a type of bag in some sort of hyper sleep. The worm hole could also be seen as the opening of a tomb as the travelers warp through hyperspace towards those beings who called them.


12 Astronauts are sent out to explore the 12 planets- Just like the 12 Apostles were sent out to preach the Gospel, so 12 space explorers are sent to the other galaxy to find a habitable home for humanity.

The Apostles went out all over the world preaching the good news, most of them being martyred by those they were trying to reach. Thomas was said to have gone the furthest outside of the Roman Empire. Christian tradition has it that Thomas, sometimes called “doubting Thomas” for his lapse of faith in Christ’s resurrection, went as far as India preaching the Gospel.


Water planet baptism- Not baptism by fire, but another kind of baptism. The first beacon that the explorers investigate is that of a ranger who landed on a planet full of water. The water is extremely affected by the gravitational pull of Gargantua, the black hole the planets are revolving around, causing gigantic tidal waves hundreds of feet high.

One of the astronauts, Doyle, is killed trying to rescue Dr. Brand who has her leg caught on the wreckage of the spacecraft originally investigating the planet. The Crew of now Cooper and Brand have their spacecraft almost destroyed by the incoming of monstrous waves. Perhaps this world, which appears to be totally made up of water, could be symbolic of the water baptism ritual.


Dr. Mann Betrays Group- Just as Judas Iscariot sells out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, Dr. Mann betrays the group as to the real status of his planet. Mann sends out a beacon, indicating his world is habitable. He then falsifies data about the frigid ammonia filled planet he landed on, and transmitted that data in hopes of saving his own skin. He commandeers a spaceship and attempts to strand the others. As Judas went and hung himself on a tree, then fell on a rock gushing his innards out, so Dr. Mann kills himself. As Mann tries to dock with the space station, he is repeatedly warned by Cooper and Brand not to open the air lock, as he had docked incorrectly. This caused a catastrophic explosion, blowing Mann up to bits. Jesus had also warned the disciples that there was a betrayer in their midst. A warning that was not headed by Judas.


     Dr. Brand replaces Dr. Mann- A replacement apostle is needed after Judas’ betrayal. Matthias was the one who replaced Judas, and Dr. Brand could be seen as the replacement Mann. She is the one who continues the mission, going to Edmund’s planet, which is the place where her love is guiding her to go to.


Cooper Could be Paul- There could be a case made that Cooper could be the Apostle Paul. In some Christian circles, it is believe that Paul had a special ministry, and that he was the one actually chosen by God as the replacement apostle for Judas, instead of Matthias, who was chosen by the other apostles by casting lots.


All the astronauts are martyred, except for one- This one may be a stretch, but it is still worth noting. In the Christian traditions, it’s generally believed that all the 12 apostles were martyred, save the Apostle John. All 12 explorers are believed to have died, save for Dr. Amelia Brand, who is marooned on Edmund’s planet, continuing the work of saving mankind. the Apostle John was marooned on the Island of Patmos for the remaining of his elder days.


     Love is the Holy Ghost- One of the big plots in the whole movie is the aspect of love. Love is the one force that is instantaneous, like gravity, and has the force to pull us together. Perhaps maybe love is even transmitted like a graviton particle through the dimensions of space-time. Cooper is seen finding his daughter in a hypercube that is set in the middle of a black hole, a space in time of his daughter’s bedroom. He is able to find a time in all the seconds gone by in the bedroom by the force of love. He then is able to communicate with her by manipulating gravity to cause all sorts of physical anomalies to occur. It is even said there is a Ghost making those things happen! He communicates through Morse which is translated to binary. Love also compelled Brand to seek out Edmund in the outer planets orbiting Gargantua. So Love could be seen as the Christian Holy Ghost guiding the believers.


Cooper is resurrected- Maybe this one is a stretch as well, but hear me out. When Coop and Brand are making their sling-shot maneuver around the black hole, Cooper jettisons himself from the space station, Newton’s third law, you have to leave something behind to get enough thrust to get where you are going. Cooper then is consumed by the darkness of the black hole, he transmits through Morse code the quantum data obtained from the inside of Gargantua, and the hypercube collapses on him. He is essentially dead, but is rescued by rangers patrolling the area close to the “Cooper Station”, and is “resurrected” when he is given medical attention at the medical facility there.


Cooper and Brand are Adam and Eve- When Cooper comes out of his little coma, he learns that his daughter had completed the theory of gravity to save humanity. The space station “Cooper Station” is actually named after her, not him. She is very old now, relativity doing its thing, and one of her death bed wishes is that Cooper should find Brand, who is out there alone. Hence, Cooper and Brand will now become the next Adam and Eve.


So there you have it. Perhaps Christopher Nolan put all these similarities in there on purpose or accident. But it is interesting that they are there.


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