X-Files Pilot

I remember I was so into this show when I was 9 years old. I would watch the countless UFO docs on A&E and Discovery and whatever else those type of documentaries would show up. I even got the “The Truth is Out There” poster (I wonder where that’s at now…).

I’ve had nothing but pleasant memories of this show. I’m not much of a horror genre guy, but man it was so fun getting scared to death watching this show! Yeah sure I had tons of sleepless nights peeking from the covers, wondering if space aliens where going to drill my teeth out. But man was it fun watching those shows on those warm summer nights on the farm with my older siblings, indulging in the suspense of what creepiness Mulder and Scully were going to dive into next.

So they have revived the show. They added another season of 6 episodes earlier this year, no one knows if they are going to have more. So I have decided to make the trek through the seasons. From pilot to season 10 episode 6. There’s going to be some fun jaunts through memory lane, and there are going to be a ton of episodes I’ve never seen before (I stopped watching at Season 7) and I am totally ecstatic to rewatch some of my favorites and talk about a show that has affected me so much growing up.

So here we go, the pilot, the one that got the whole ball of wax moving. A topic most people could care less about, UFO’s. Yet, the show found a way to package that subject in an entertaining way, and not just making fun of it. It was a breakthrough show, probably the most original since the Twilight zone at that time in the 90’s.

The first scene opens up with FBI agent Dr. Dana Scully having a meeting with Division Chief Scott Blevins. (Yeah, awesome name right?) That’s right, she’s a doctor. That’s one of the things they talk about, why she wanted to join the FBI. Scully felt it was a place she could distinguish herself. So the short of it is that they want Dana Scully to be partners with Agent Fox Mulder who is assigned to the X-Files for the sole purpose of discrediting him. There’s another guy in there and there is also, The Smoking Man. Apparently back in the 90’s you could smoke in the FBI headquarters.

Here’s something that I was thinking about while watching this. Is Scully working for these shadow government figures throughout the show? To undermine Mulder’s findings? I think at some point she figures it out, and by the end of the show she seems to realize she is being played. But why is she such a doubter all throughout the series? Just an observation.

There’s some classic 90’s background music. Seriously, its weird, whenever I here that music or see the clothes and such it’s like I’m sent through a time warp and I can see myself back there and all the feeling of being fascinated and creeped out at the same time watching this show.

Agent Scully goes down into the basement of the FBI headquarters or something and meets Agent Fox Mulder. I’ve never met anybody with the first name Fox. I think that’s one of the reasons I thought he was so cool when I was a kid. I still think he’s cool, actually. The opening line from Mulder is “Nobody here but the FBI’s most unwanted.” A survey of the scene by Scully reveals Mulder’s unhealthy obsession and the iconic “I want to believe” poster stands prominent in the shot. So they have a back and for and then off we go to Bellefleur, Oregon, on the first case.

So previously discussed by Mulder and Scully, he has uncovered a series of deaths around the country, the victims of which have two strange marks that appear to look like a bite on there body, by their lower back. Four teenagers also were found to have died in strange circumstances. The fourth having those marks and an unknown chemical compound found on her person.

The pilot episode almost encapsulates every aspect of the UFO phenomenon, as reported by those people in that world. Missing time, abductions, implants, strange magnetic anomalies, cars shutting off, bright lights in the abduction process, hypnosis, so a lot. Not to mention a possible government cover up to suppress the truth.

I’ll try not to spoil it all by going into super detail, I’ll just hit up a few more points.

I liked seeing Scully go all Doogie Houser typing her report on the laptop with a blue screen. There’s a scene where the power goes out. And also a scene where she is undressing, I guess they had to sex it up a bit. She discovers that she has two bumps on her back and runs to Mulder and asks his opinion. He assures her it’s just a few mosquito bites, saying he got eaten alive himself.

Scully scores an alien implant along the way. believe it or not there is a happy ending of this episode, in a way.

But what I really liked was the Indiana Jones style ending. When Scully presents the agents story and Mulders’ theories the FBI director asks if she has any proof? She produces the implant to the dismay of the director and the Smoking Man. The final scene is of the Smoking Man walking down an aisle of evidence somewhere in the archives of the FBI. He slides out a cardboard holder, containing a plexiglass container that had slots for these implants. He puts the implant with the rest and walks away.

I’m looking forward to going through the shows. I hope you watch them with me. It will be well worth it.



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